Foqus Finance Update

As a natural extension to Foqus Finance 8 becoming certified for Microsoft Dynamics in February, we have chosen to implement Microsoft's release cycle (Rapid Releases). This method is commonly used for Windows 10, as well as apps. 
For Foqus Finance, this means that we transition from the historic releases with large amounts of changes, to rapid releases, where we instead release changes regularly. This will imply reduced test complexity, and thus an opportunity to deploy the latest versions of Foqus Finance far faster and with fewer resources involved. 

We are happy to announce, that we are now ready with version 8.5 of Foqus Finance, which includes lots of new features, which will make you more efficient: 

  • A new web portal for dealers
  • Possibility to use web-services for integrations
  • Integration to Power BI and Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Dynamic contract flow, Foqus Finance can be tailored to your business processes - all without programming
  • Role-based user interfaces - Foqus Finance shows, what is relevant for each user
  • Automation of tasks
  • A new credit approval module with traffic lights and the ability to add own rules
  • Generate documents and contracts directly in Office 365

The development of Foqus Finance continues. This autumn we are ready to begin planning and analyzing upgrades, even for the largest installations of Foqus Finance 7. We predict, that the first major migrations will take place in spring 2017.

Our consultants are ready to give you advice on how Foqus Finance can support your business and contribute to even better results, get in touch.