New Release of Foqus Finance

We are proud to announce the release of Foqus Finance 8, the latest upgrade to our easy-to-use contract management tool for leasing and loan businesses. Running on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 platform, every aspect of a finance company's daily operations can be maintained in this single solution.

There are many reasons to choose Foqus Finance for your contract management needs. Here are just a few:

  • Customized contract flow
    Set up a contract flow that matches the way you conduct your business. Whatever you do in taking each contract from an empty draft through to final payment and archive, Foqus Finance follows your processes and even provides the framework that guides your team in the day-to-day management of contracts.
  • Role-tailored client
    Tailor each user’s interface to fit their role. Since different people in your organization perform different functions, Foqus Finance allows you to control who accesses what. Your salespeople, bookkeepers, administrators, and others can all have dedicated interfaces showing the parts of the system they need (and hiding the ones they don’t).
  • Task automation
    Spend your valuable time more productively while Foqus Finance does all the routine work behind the scenes. Automate everything from credit approval to document generation to postings and more.
  • Credit approval module with an option to add custom rules
    Use Foqus Finance’s standard credit approval process, or customize it to your requirements. You can create different rules and rule sets to apply to different types of contracts, products or customers, and it can all be automated to run at any point along your contract flow.
  • Document and contract generation using MS Word
    FoqusDocs allow you to automate the generation and dissemination of documents such as contracts, leasing quotes, invoices, delivery paperwork, and more. Creating a document involves simply setting up a template in MS Word and telling the system what information should be merged into it. Documents can be generated both manually and automatically from these templates via tasks at various stages of the contract life-cycle.
  • Posting preview
    Quickly review the different types of bookkeeping entries that will be created before you post a document or journal. This feature generates what looks like a real posting, so you can view all the relevant data, but no actual entries are created.
  • Latest technological platform from Microsoft
    Follow the "mobile first, cloud first" drive for productivity across all possible platforms and devices. As you are not tied down to any individual software installation, you can access Foqus Finance anywhere, anytime.
  • Power BI integration
    Microsoft Power BI automatically sets up a dashboard and generates various reports based on data retrieved from your Foqus Finance installation. You can then customize this dashboard and explore the data, allowing you to gain new insights and to create effective visualizations that illuminate these insights for stakeholders.
  • Dynamics CRM integration
    Improve customer engagement by synchronizing Foqus Finance customers, accounts, product information, and more with Dynamics CRM.
  • OCR Service (Lexmark)
    Convert PDFs and paper documents into editable, searchable data. This means, for example, that you can set up a workflow to scan a paper invoice and use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to find and post the purchase amount to the general journal.
  • Standard NAV workflow setup
    Define your own workflow using standard NAV. This enables you to design and execute business processes within Foqus Finance. Whatever happens during the life-cycle of a contract, your workflow dictates what happens next.

Please Note: It is not possible for existing customers to upgrade to Foqus Finance 8.

Our consultants are ready to give you advice on how Foqus Finance can support your business and contribute to even better results. 

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