Revenue growth of more than 17% in the finance industry

Foqus Finance got Christian Brandt, director at Finance & Leasing, to write a little about the finance industry in 2014.

The Finance industry has had a magnificent year in 2014, with a revenue growth of more than 17 percent (From 25.9 billion DKK to 30.4 billion DKK). The growth is viewed partly as a sign of better times for danish companies, but also that leasing has become an increasingly popular financing tool since the financial crisis. There are the direct benefits of leasing in the form of liquidity optimization, good prices, service elements/outsourcing, etc. 

There is no indication that this positive develpment will not continue in the years to come, partly driven by the tougher requirements on the banks' risk-taking, and leasing benefiting from being a  safe financial commitment. 

In the near future, there will most likely be be focus on implementing new digital solutions at most companies. This will help obtain the necessary contents for obtaning credit approvals, contract signatures and identification.

Other news from E Foqus
E Foqus have employed two new skilled employees, Claus Christoffersen and Lars N. Carstensen. Claus is a business consultant working on Foqus Finance tasks, and Lars is our new Key Account Manager.

We are experiencing great demand on our portal solution for Foqus Finance. With the possibility for employees, partners as well as customers to have access to the portal, in a secure and easy manner, is viewed by many as a big advantage, which both helps keep them ahead of competitors, but also creates incentives for larger and easier business.

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