Foqus Finance

An end-to-end solution, covering all daily operations of a finance company

Highlighted Foqus Finance features

Customer and prospect handling
Contract management
Integrated invoicing
Credit approval flow
Fixed asset management
Contract control
Electronic signature
Task flow optimization
Interest calculations
Web portal/integration
Insurance & service
Periodic change

Selected features


In Foqus Finance the work process, from quote to end-of-lease and filing the contract, is split into stages. These stages are completely customizable, so you are able to design the contract flow to match your business.

Leasing object

In Foqus Finance, "leasing object" is used as a generic term for own fixed assets and the fixed assets that the finance company has funded for the customer.

Leasing objects do not have to be tied into NAV (virtual leasing), though they can be in two ways:

  • As Fixed Assets (can be used to handle devaluation, tax, etc.)
  • As Item/Inventory

Buying and selling leasing objects will generate postings based on how the leasing objects are tied into Dynamics NAV.


Operations describes the day-to-day management of contracts (through tasks). There are five stages in a typical contract life-cycle, though these are completely customizable and able to fit your own business processes:

  1. Sales
  2. Establishment
  3. Administration
  4. Rearrangement
  5. Archive

Web-based portal

It is possible to buy a web portal that will be the interface for Foqus Finance. This means that all the things you can do through Foqus Finance are also accessible via the web portal. You can view, edit and make changes in the web portal, you can create new contracts the same way as in non-web-based Foqus Finance. The web portal is accessible for vendors, customers, external and internal employees.